Photos That Prove South Africans Have The Best Sense Of Humour

TREVOR-NOAHSouth Africa is dubbed a rainbow nation and sometimes I think this name reflects not only to our multicultural nation but to define our people’s sense of reasoning, and ability to throw wit and humour in everything we do sometimes without even realizing that we just made fun of a serious situation.

Today we share with you hilarious photos that will have you asking what is wrong with this country, are people ever serious here.

Manchester United Church In Zion


So Chelsea fans have no place to worship? ManU fans are very selective on who they worship with.

How and what we name our kids

adoption gone wrong drinker drinker exam

When naming children in this country nothing is off limit all subjects and topics are considered, I’ve met people and kids named Party day, because she was born on a day her grandfather had a party, Two Rand, I have no idea why anyone would name a child that, some KillMeQuick, Let Them dance, down to Neymar, Starter pack, Vodacom which is a cellular network and more.


Sometimes things get lost in translation. We don’t always say what we mean

nkandla Volvo

Seriously we want jobs more than anything

jobs plzA service with a smile is very important; we can’t stress the importance of the smile no wonder toothpaste business is booming here

StaffTeethWe the only country that truly cater for people with disabilities.


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