VIP Pass To Hell: Parents Reject Baby Born Through Surrogate Because Of Gender

helpAustralian parents reportedly took one baby and left another with a surrogate because they didn’t want the gender.

According to AP, the two already had a baby of one sex and wanted their surrogate born baby to be of different gender, but when the surrogate gave birth to twins they took the baby of the gender they wanted and left another twin.

The twins are a set of brother and sister and it is still unknown what gender is the baby that they took.

Australian family court chief justice Diana Bryant told Australian Broadcasting Corp in an interview broadcast on Thursday that she was told by Australian embassy officials in New Delhi that the couple’s decision to leave their biological baby in India was based on its gender. The twins were a brother and sister.

“I don’t know whether it was the boy or the girl, but they already had a child of one sex and they wanted the other sex and they didn’t want the child”, she told the media outlet.

The Australian high commission in Delhi tried delaying the parent’s visa applications while pursuing them to accept both kids but that didn’t work either, they up and left with one baby and left the other in India, according to AP report the abandoned child was accepted by an Indian family, they authorities believe the family bought the child.

This case dates back to 2012 and it is not the only case where Australians have acted unbelievably selfish when children and surrogates are concerned, in recent months another Australian couple rejected their child born from a Thai surrogate mother because he had a disability, which prompted Thailand officials to ban surrogacy within its borders.

There’s a special place in hell for these folks.

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