Classy Lady: Watch Jordin Sparks Tell Her Side Of The Break Up Story With Jason Derulo

It’s been 2 weeks since Singer and actress Jordin Spark broke up with tap dancer Jason Derulo.

The wiggle singer has not been holding back when it comes to dishing out on break up with his girlfriend of 3 years, Derulo did interviews left right and centre telling every radio DJ and tabloid about why he broke it off with Sparks.

He told one radio DJ that he just did not want to talk to her after constant arguments and bickering and that he dumped her over the phone.

After damn good 3 long years, he dumped her over the phone SMH, dogs have different pedigree.

According to Derulo pressures of marriage from Sparks’ family, Sparks and other people was one of the main contributor to their break up.

When sparks finally got a chance to slander the cheater tell her side on interview with gossip queen Wendy Williams she took the hi and classy road and declined to answer any questions concerning her personal issues, except for confirming the break up and saying that she has thought about returning the BMW he gave her as a gift last Christmas.

I loved them though; they were almost like church’s own version of Beyonce and Jay z

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