They Keep Coming: Man Suffering From A Rare Medical Condition Has Up To 100 Orgasms A Day

pain inWhile an orgasm is a good and a healthy thing to experience there certainly is a time and place for that but for a 37 year old man named Dale Decker, it happens anywhere anytime almost up to 100 times per day.

The 37 year old father developed a rare medical condition called persistent genital arousal syndrome in 2012 and says since than it has bought him nothing but pain in his life.

‘It’s completely changed everything I have ever done. I can’t do anything, I can’t get a job. You have to understand that in America 90 per cent of the jobs are service industry and nobody would ever put me in front of their customers so working is pretty much out of the question.’ He told television station.

Decker says this has made him housebound he can’t even enjoy simple things in life like playing ball with his sons, he says he can’t even take them anywhere because he fear being embarrassed by his random orgasm.

Decker and his wife agree that the condition has definitely put a strain on their marriage, because now he can’t even go job hunting because nobody will hire him the wife feels that she is carrying the load alone.

They also say they have decided to sleep in separate bedroom because the orgasms occur randomly and at night too, their sex life has suffered greatly because of this condition.

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