How To Keep In Touch With The Office When Travelling

travelling bosses

Being the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a company carries a lot of volume and the minute someone drops those words anywhere, the world takes a pause, as fancy and respectable as it sounds, this job comes with a lot of duties.

Making sure that the company functions well and clients and every service providers needs are met, requires a lot of time and attention. Here we have a few ways on how to keep touch with the office while you are away.

Have a plan in place

Before you take off to meet a huge potential client in New York and leave your office unsupervised, plan how your staff is going to do things in your absentia. Let your current existing clients know of your appointments and those who might want to meet with you in the period that you will be away.

Interim management

For the time that you are away, have someone who will over look things on your behalf, someone who will be responsible for making sure that clients are happy, production target is met and everybody in the team is doing their bit.

Use technology

There are many ways to communicate with people, technology has made things ridiculously easy for people to connect. There’s Skype, on line conference and telephones. Use these tools and others to keep in touch with your clients. 

Make technology work for you

As much as you are doing business, you don’t have to unnecessarily spent all your money making phone calls. If you are travelling internationally, make sure that you have your phone on international roaming, this help cut your phone bill at least by halve. Many people make this mistake. 

Manage your E mails.

Many email service providers have a management system where you list your contacts according to their importance so the most important contacts (clients and office managers) can be at the top of your message lists. So this way you cannot miss anything that is urgent and vital to you and your business while you are away.


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