ISIS Hostage Executioner Identified

rsz_screen_shot_2014-09-26_at_83058_amThe masked Islamic State militant  who appears  to have murdered two American journalists in separate videotaped beheadings has been identified. Although FBI Director, James Comey, told reporters he would not be releasing the man’s name or nationality to the media.

The Jihadist organization triggered Global outrage when videos of freelance journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff being killed were released.

In the videos the british accented man is seen wielding a a long knife and appears to begin cutting the men. Comey didn’t address whether the U.S believes the man actually carried out the killings himself as none of the beheadings are shown in the videos.

Comey believes that the ISIS is looking to try something in the U.S but added that  he didn’t think that the group is capable of a sophisticated or complex attack.

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