ScreeningsThe Great Beauty

Release date: 26 September 2014

Directed by: Paolo Sorrentino

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Running time: TBA


This Academy Award Winner, Golden Globe Award Winner and Bafta Award Winner, is a story of Journalist Jep Gambardella, (the dazzling Toni Servillo, Il divo and Gomorrah) who has charmed and seduced his way through the lavish nightlife of Rome for decades. Since the legendary success of his one and only novel, he has been a permanent fixture in the city’s literary and social circles, but when his sixty-fifth birthday coincides with a shock from the past, Jep finds himself unexpectedly taking stock of his life, turning his cutting wit on himself and his contemporaries, and looking past the extravagant nightclubs, parties, and cafes to find Rome in all its glory: a timeless landscape of absurd, exquisite beauty.

 Planes: Fire & Rescue  

Release date: 26 September 2014

Directed by: Robert Gannaway

Genres: Adventure, Animation

Running time: TBA

Starring: Brad Garrett, Curtis Armstrong, Dane Cook, Ed Harris, Hal Holbrook, John Michael Higgins, Julie Bowen, Stacy Keach, Terri Hatcher, Wes Studi

In this animated adventure sequel from Pixar Studios, world-famous air racer Dusty Crophopper (Dane Cook) finds out his racing days have come to an end when his engine is damaged. Undaunted, he learns about the world of aerial firefighters and decides to join them. Dusty teams up with veteran fire and rescue helicopter Blade Ranger (Ed Harris) and his team, a group of all-terrain vehicles collectively known as The Smokejumpers. Together, the fearless team battles a massive wildfire, and Dusty finds out what it takes to be a true hero.

Miners Shot Down (F/F)

Release date: September 2014

Directed by: Rehad Desai

Genres: Documentary

Running time: 1hr 26min

In August 2012, mineworkers in one of South Africa’s biggest platinum mines at Marikana began a wildcat strike for better wages. Six days later the police used live ammunition to brutally suppress the strike, killing 34 men and injuring many more.

Using the point of view of the Marikana miners, this SA-made documentary follows the strike from day one, showing the courageous but isolated fight waged by a group of low-paid workers against the combined forces of the mining company Lonmin, the ANC government and their allies in the National Union of Mineworkers.

What emerges is collusion at the top, spiraling violence and the country’s first post-apartheid massacre. South Africa will never be the same again.

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