Wrong Turn? Special Needs Bus Driver Caught By Police Picking Up Prostitutes

schoolbusclipartA Florida based special needs children bus driver was caught by police make a wrong turn to carter for his own special needs.

According to NY Daily Rodrigue Macharie, 43, a Sarasota County Area Transit driver made an unannounced stop in North Tamiami Trail where he tried to negotiate a “special need service” from a lady of the night with his 20 dollars.

“The bus driver pulled down to a dead end street and parked the bus,” Sarasota Police Sgt. Demetri Konstantopoulos told WFLA. “After waiting a couple of moments, seeing that the undercover officer wasn’t going to come over to his vehicle, he got out of the vehicle, out of the bus, and walked to the undercover officer’

He was arrested and charged with “procure for prostitute: solicit another for lewdness” in the 9:30 a.m. sting and released on a $120 cash bond.

According to his employer prior this incident he had a squeaky clean record.

One cannot help but wonder how many times has the drive stopped to cater for his own special needs and if he ever did it with the children in the bus.

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