Things We’ve Learned About Marriage From Movies

HelenWe all have watched movies and learned a thing or two that we can take to our real lives. Today we share with you some of those things that really made us think twice about marriage.

Appreciate a good woman

Diary Of a Mad Black Woman

helen attaCharles (Steve Harris) a lead character in this movie was married to Hellen (Kimberly Elise) a good woman, who gave Charles all of her, supported her from the time they both had nothing to the time when they were living the American dream.

What does Charles do? Cheats on her and father two children with his mistress and when Ellen caught him cheating he comes back home and rudely escorts her out of their home dragging her kicking and screaming.

The rest is history as they say, if you watched the movie you know what happened. He (Charles) gets paralysed and the gold digger leaves with his money again he is stuck with Ellen, She tries to do rightbut he but he continues to abuse her emotional, Hellen reaches her breaking point as any woman scorned she unleashes hell on him but forgives at the end. Charles wants a second chance but Hellen is with a better man Orlando (Shemar Moore).

Don’t let family and friends move in

You, Me and Dupree

dupreeThe new couple Molly Peterson (Kate Hudson) and Carl Peterson ( Matt Dillon) just got married then Dupree(Owen Wilson) moves in, everything turns chaotic he walks around the house half naked, makes himself at home and annoys the bride to the core. Thou this is a comedy real leasson we all learnt here is not to let friends move in your home especially when you just got married, they might do more than Dupree and really be a reason you end up divorcing.

Some communities are not yet ready for change

Jungle Fever

Jungle_Fever_film_posterI know this movie was made in the really 90’s but I feel it is still relevant remember when the man Flipper Purify (Wesley Snipes) cheated the issue was not about his cheating it was all about who he cheated with a Caucasian girl. Angie Tucci (Annabelle Sciorra) girl (a black man and a Caucasian girl) it was a scandal of the town. There are more communities like this one than we realise in the world, some will judge you because you cheated with a person from a different race, culture or class group. Really what happened to the fact that love knows no colour and boundaries?

Don’t keep secrets

Mr and Mrs. Smith

homelssTwo agents who get married in a plot to escape death, live in the same house and as many other couples have been happily married but are going through a rough patch in their marriage.

These two think their problem is a boring and plain marriage life with no sex, but later they find out they were both hired by their camps to kill each other.

Had they sat down and told each other everything earlier in the marriage they would have known that they are from two opposing world’s while in this movie this secret saved lives. In real life secrets are more likely to destroy lives and marriages.

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