The Best Way To Increase Web Traffic And Make Your Business Standout

busy onAs much as business people love reading books, news papers and small articles online that help develop their business and keep them in the know about what’s going on in the business world, they don’t always have time to read. They are always, busy with everything, making sure that business is moving forward, and for times like that, online videos are the next best thing.

Speaking from my own experience I’m not a big time business woman, but I love reading about business news and everything else but in the midst of my normally very busy day writing articles, juggling between interviews I can’t sit and read every long business piece that interests me so I opt for videos. Why you would ask.

Few reasons really, one, they grab attention more than a piece of thousand words.

They tell the story in less time than it actually takes to read.

For instead I take about 5 minutes to read and analyze a piece of 2000 words or a bit more, but if it was all in the video it normally takes much less time than that. Reading an article doesn’t really guarantee that I will understand it, but when it’s on the video with demonstrations, I always understand the idea and the purpose.

They allow flexibility and multi tasking

It’s not every online video that people have to watch, some videos you can actually plug in your headphones listen to them while you multi task, this is great for your business too because you can be doing something else why you learning or updating yourself, real productiveness.

Why you should have videos on your website.

They are viral and with viral videos comes traffic and we all want traffic in our website, because with it comes with better rankings.

The viral videos you don’t have to always create yourself, it is great when you start something and it goes viral but for dry times you can borrow from other sites like YouTube and more.

Business Videos

Again if you are keen on having your website being a one stop shop for people these are always very helpful, have few business videos you made yourself, they could be of famous business quotes, motivational speakers again borrowing from others definitely does you good.

Or while you chat with some inspirational people document them down on videos and boom you have yourself a video to put on your site.

Website owners should encourage their clients to advertise in videos instead of old school articles, that way they access more people and simultaneously increase web traffic.

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