My Love Cost A Thing: Crazy Celebrity Prenups

all of themInitially I thought prenups were designed to protect one or both partner’s assets that were accumulated separately should the union fail, but after seeing these crazy prenups, I’m not sure if I thought right. Let’s look at 10 absolutely crazy prenup’s of your favourite celebs.

The Carter power Prenup

I didn’t think Beyoncé and Jay-Z have any prenup and definitely didn’t think it could be this crazy

Jay Z will pay Beyoncé $10 million if the marriage ends after 2 years, and $1 million a year for each further year she remains in the marriage, up to 15 years. Pay her an additional $5 million for each child she bears for him – for her loss of income during the pregnancy and child rearing years. Why doesn’t Beyoncé have 15 kids already?

The perfectly scripted Prenup

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

The movie director and actress is one expensive union. It is reported that there’s $40 million cheating clause, if Michael Douglas cheats he will have to pay Catherine $40 million and she gets $2.8 for each year they are married.

The scientifically calculated and impossible prenup

Though they are divorced and Katie walked away with nearly nothing, they had a very juicy prenup in place, it is reported that Katie collected huge cheques for each year she stayed married to the mission impossible star, she received $3 million for every year, while in marriage with Tom, and had she stayed married to him for 11 she would have walked away with half of Tom’s estimated $300 million worth, she walked away in the 9th year.

The Odom Kardashian Digging Prenup

With mama Kris as your manager you are guaranteed big things only, Khloe gets $500 000 for every year she spends with Lamar, $25 000 monthly spousal support, $1000 for beauty care $5 000 for shopping, a house and car in every end of cycle lease, oh we almost forgot season courtside Lakers tickets for her whole family. It’s definitely cheap to keep her Lamar.

The sober prenup

Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban

Nicole will pay country Keith close to 50 000 for every year he spent with her, should they divorce but on condition that he doesn’t use any illegal substances, since he was once a cokehead.

The Jolie-Pitt before marriage prenup

They were not even married but they had a prenup, should another Mrs an Mrs something movie happen, Angelina gets everyone, Madox, Madonna Zahara, Rihanna Knox , Knowles Pax,  Vivienne, Aguilera, Pe wee, Shiloh, Ce-loo. The prenup was before the birth of their 3 biological kids maybe things have changed since then?

The hungry prenup

When Jessica Simpson and Romo were together friends speculated that he wanted Jess to pay him $500 000 if she gained any weight, man is she relieved their relationship didn’t work out.

The Pimping Kardashian Humphries prenup

Kris Jenner wrote a very reasonable prenup  Kris H gets $10 million for each second they spend together, $2 million daily spousal support, $1 beauty care allowance and own reality show. BS!!!! Since Kim was the wealthier of the two Kris Jenner wrote a prenup that makes sure that Kris Humphries doesn’t get a cent of Kim’s estimated $35 million. They both walk away with nothing should the marriage end. A real ratings affair

Pay back in cash prenup

Justine Timberlake and Jessica Biel agreed that should old Justin cheat on miss Biel, he will have to pay her $500 000

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