Before You Sign On The Dotted Line: Consider The Following


If you have been on the job market for a while getting a call informing you that you have been hired, you got the job  is the best thing ever, I hate to be a spoil spot but before you sign on the dotted line and accept that job you have to consider t these few very important things.

Can you really perform the job at hand?

Being disparate for a job (I have been there), you end you applying for anything and everything that comes your way (That’s what they call hoping for a shot in a hundred chances), and your stone sometimes hit the bird that you really had no real interest in, but you tell yourself what the hell, it’s better than being unemployed so you go for an interview do your magic the next thing you know, you get a call saying you are HIRED.

But before signing on the dotted line you should really be honest with yourself and ask yourself if can you really do the job if you can’t I know letting the job pass but you might have to do that or alternatively let your employer know that you do not posses all the skills and expertise required to perform the job. He might let you pass or offer some training either way it a chance you have to take.

During the interviews did you twist the truth, took or added to it for it to go on your favour?

Ok so nobody really tells the whole truth during the interviews but some stretch it more than they should, if you are that person who said ‘I have a honors degree in law”, while you have a diploma, you might want to let that job pass or come clean about it.

Are you getting your worth?

Let’s face it as much as we (employment seekers), are 7/times very desperate for a job 7/10 times employers know that and sometimes will use it to their advantage and offer you a package that is not really what you are worth, if that happens remember that you are going to be giving your much needed expertise to this company so you deserve to be rewarded what you really deserve don’t be shy to voice your concerns and complains not about salary but your working space and everything that will ensure that you give the best results at that job.


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