Stan Behaviour: Top Secreat Email From “Olivia Pope” To Gladiators


Popular series Scandal is returning in 25 September and gladiators as the show fans call themselves are overwhelmed with joy and excitement. One very hyped out stan took time to write the letter below.

Dear Gladiators.

Beloved Gladiator, if you receive this high profile, top secret email
consider yourself the chosen one, trusted and mostly a gladiator, why
because I say so. Who am I? In case you have forgotten let me refresh
your memory.

I am the Olivia Carolyn Pope; yes OP herself took time from her very
busy schedule to write to you, my gladiators, to let you know that we
are on for another season.

Before I inform you of tasks and challenges that await us this season,
let me remind you where we left off on our previous season.


My president, and I don’t use the term “MY’ loosely, lost to win. He
wanted a fair election win and a price for free and fair elections
unfortunately was his beloved son Jerry. My beloved and again I don’t
use the word beloved loosely, Fitz couldn’t win an election by
himself, or with my help this time around. So my father Rowan Pope had
to step in, and ya’ll know daddy never fails.

Through his trusted agent and president’s closest CIA/ Bodyguard Tom,
daddy nailed Jerry.

Daddy scores Again

own father

My father is superman, not only did he kill Jerry (the president’s
son) but also  he made it look like my mother did it, talk about
killing two birds with one stone. of After learning through Daddy that
my mother is responsible for young Jerry’s death Fitz suddenly forgot
how much my father despises him and formed some sort of an alliance
with him (Daddy pope) to hunt for my mother’s head, to do that of
course beloved Fitz had to reinstate daddy as head of B613, see how
daddy works this amazing spider web?

Back in power and in control again daddy went out for blood killing my
mom’s new allies Adnan Salif that Irish girl Harrison couldn’t stay
away from, taking photographs showing them to Harrison and convincing
him that my mother killed the girl. As any stupid man in love Harrison
told daddy everything and daddy went and found my mother and brought
her back to a Dungeon where she has been most of my life.

Daddy even fooled me this time

joe MAfter killing my future stepson, Daddy made Fitz lose his mind, mommy
look guilty,  and even fooled me, yes Daddy dearest fooled me
gladiators, if this doesn’t teach you an important lesson that in life
you should trust nobody, nothing will GLADIATOR. In the midst of it
all I accepted daddy’s offer of getting into a plane, go away far
away from America DC, the Whitehouse and most of all from FitzGerald
II, I packed my bags, left my life and identity behind, and got into a
plane to, Johannesburg South Africa with my trusted friend and
occasional shag partner Jake Ballard.

While on that plane, somehow Harrison figured it all out went to
confront daddy dearest and that was the biggest mistake of his life
and the last mistake he will ever make.

TO BE YOUNG GIFTED AND BLACK, those are the final words my dear
Harrison heard before daddy did away with him.


Gladiators, Fitz had won the elections, Cy and Mellie’s jobs are safe
but we all know those two can’t get anything done without the mighty
Olivia Pope so they need me, initially I decided to cut all ties with
the white house but they wouldn’t stop calling so after two months of
careful consideration, gladiators I’m proud to inform you that I’m
retuning to the Whitehouse and to your screens on 28 September 2014,
it’s not complicated tune on to ABC and there I will be, myself and
team of trusted gladiators.

In case you have forgotten who we are

tell him

Olivia Carolyn Pope – Head Gladiator and founder of OP & Associates.

Huck- Gladiator, tech whiz, IT, it guy, strong-arm and occasional
handler of people

Abigail aka ABI, Gladiator, the sweet girl with a pistol

Quinn- Gladiator, confused sellout, Huck’s second in command and a
disaster I created.

Unfortunately Harrison won’t be returning, because daddy shot him
dead, but he remains a gladiator even beyond the grave. We will
always, love and remember him. As a sign of respect I ask all of you
gladiators to wear your purple or blue ties on the 25th or fall in
love with a fugitive. In honour of brother Harrison Wright.

Disclaimer, this is a top secret email, designated for gladiator s
only, don’t you dare share it with someone outside the organization.
If you are BBCed in this mail you have been re invited to the school
of gladiators for yet another season, use this chance to study Olivia
and the team well because soon the torch will be passed to a new team
of deserving new generation of gladiators.



Olivia Carolyn Pope.

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