Another One Like Ebola? US Kids Hit By Mysterious Virus, Hundreds In Intensive Care Units

sb10069454u-001While the world is still shocked by Ebola virus that has hit West Africa and some central African countries, a new mysterious respiratory virus has hit the US, affecting mainly the kids.

An alarming number of kids in the US have been treated for a rare case of respiratory virus, and many cases are expected in the next few weeks. Warn doctors.

The enterovirus, EV-D68, is believed to be the cause of the outbreak and can cause severe respiratory illness.

According to BBC report 12 states have reported cases of this virus in a previous month alone and numbers of kids have been to ICU due to this rare virus.

Enteroviruses are common and usually do not require hospital care. The symptoms typically manifest as an intense summer cold, with the number of infections declining in September.

But EV-D68, which was first recorded in California in 1962, is less common in the US and can cause mild or severe respiratory illness.

Over the past month, doctors in a number of states have reported an unusually high number of cases where symptoms have developed into acute respiratory distress and where the patient has needed hospitalisation, and in some cases, intensive care. Reports BBC

In a cluster of cases in Kansas City, 19 out of 22 children tested positive for EV-D68. In a similar cluster in Chicago, 11 out of 14 cases tested positive for the virus.

Doctors say they are doing all they can to stop the virus from spreading.

Infants, children and teenagers are most at risk from the virus.

Doctors advice frequent hand washing and good hygiene help protect against the virus.




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