Ms Jackson’s Shocking Accusation Against Floyd Mayweather Revealed In Court Docs: He Kept Her Under Surveillance, Dragged, Twisted Her Arm, Threatened To Shoot Her & More

Ms Jackson & Mayweather in good times

Ms Jackson & Mayweather in good times

Former fiancé of world heavyweight boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Shantel “Miss Jackson” Jackson is suing the boxer for unspecified amount of money, Ms Jackson has filled court papers accusing Meyweather of battering, blackmailing, imprisoning and stealing from her.

The 29 year old announced last week that she was suing her former flame, in a press conference with an assistance of her Lawyer Gloria Allred.

Shantel said she is suing Mayweather because he embarrassed her by posting pictures of her ultrasound online and announcing to his million plus instagram followers that Ms Jackson had terminated a pregnancy.

In court papers filed by the 29 year old model, gruesome details of an abusive 8 year long relationship are exposed.

Ms Jackson & Her lawyer during a press conference.

Ms Jackson & Her lawyer during a press conference.

The papers obtained by website Jackson accuses Floyd of humiliating her and putting her in pain, in one incident Ms Jackson alleges that the boxing champ choked her and twisted her arm, in another he held her at gunpoint and threatened to shoot her.

He also held her prisoner in his Las Vegas home, threatened to publish nude pictures of her which he secretly took when she was asleep and also stole millions worth of belongings from her.

He also called her a bum bish, while saying “you are not sh*t without me, I made you who you are” miss Jackson alleges in the court documents.

Miss Jackson is seeking unspecified damages from Mayweather for battery, assault, defamation, invasion of privacy, false imprisonment, harassment and infliction of emotional distress.

Miss Jackson and Floyd met in 2001 while she was working as a hostess in a function Floyd was attending, they began dating soon after and months later he asked her to move in with her in LA, he would gift her with lavish and expensive gifts, from purses, shoes, designer dresses and jewellery including a 2.5 million 17 carat engagement ring.

Shantel accuses Mayweather of holding her prisoner at some point not letting her leave his home unless she was accompanied by one of his employees, every time she left him he would call, apologise and promises to change and send private jets to fetch her and every time she would come back the violence and abuse will continue.

If she left again he would take away her stuff and the cycle continued until miss Jackson finally escaped in June 2013 for good this time.

A shot from Mayweather's instagram page

A shot from Mayweather’s instagram page

Then Floyd went for the kill posting pictures of Miss Jackson’s ultrasound showing the twins she had chosen to abort, miss Jackson says after that she suffered mental anguish, strangers in the street called her a ho, among other things asking her why did she abort Floyd’s twins.




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