VIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Your energy, clout, effectiveness and magnetism remain high. Don’t waste this time! Start significant projects, call in favours, approach powerful people. (Remember that the 12 months ahead favour background activities, so aim to increase your management, administrative or government-related standing.) Sunday starts with work or health themes, but by suppertime (to Tuesday eve) relationships, new horizons, fresh opportunities float in. You could embrace love, or finally settle on a relocation or decide to grab an opportunity. Only one thing can get in your way: money. The more creative your project, the more money will be an issue. Still, you gain by going ahead. Money could be a big issue midweek also, but this time you could find the money taps flow, perhaps in a partnership or “equity” way. These two days (Wed./Thurs.) also feature sexual desires, subconscious promptings, health issues, research and revelation. Commit to anything after 11 am (PDT) Wed., not before. Friday/Saturday bring gentle love, all-round knowing, travel, higher learning, culture. However, if in love, don’t propose to anyone except between 4 am and 6:30 am Saturday (PDT). (7 to 9:30 am ET, noon to 2:30 pm BT, etc.)

LIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Remain thoughtful and self-protective, Libra. Your energy levels will stay low this week and next. Get your beauty sleep, eat sensibly, and clear up neglected tasks/duties. (Don’t volunteer for anything.) Deal with government, institutions and charities. Sunday starts with nature’s beauty and romantic notions (rather than the reality). This night to Tuesday eve brings chores and health issues – just plunge in and get ‘em done, luck favours you. There’s one exception: it can be hard to communicate with your family, and home decorating is not a good idea. Relationships, partners, far horizons and relocation, agreements and negotiation face you Tues. night to Thursday eve – take care Tuesday to Wednesday morn (11 am PDT) then charge ahead. Beware “impossible dreams” the first half of this week. Thursday eve to Saturday brings mysteries, sexual longings, and financial changes. Some fortunate trends urge you to invest or otherwise manoeuvre finances – e.g., to reduce debt.

SCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21

September brings you popularity, social delights, entertainment and light romance. In some way, a wish will be fulfilled (probably about popularity, but perhaps about a management situation). Sunday starts slowly – you might as well sleep in. (Don’t drive/handle tools while tired.) Romance swells this eve to Tuesday eve – so do pleasure, beauty, creative and speculative activities, and your estimation of children’s charms and talents. You could fall madly in love. Avoid gossip and “secret attractions” – your private messages can be revealed. Tackle chores Tuesday eve to Thursday eve – all’s well and productive, though you might have a hard time shaking off a “love fascination” late Tues., early Wed. Relationships, opportunities and fresh horizons confront you Thursday eve to Saturday. A recent love affair could step up to a more mature (and more intense) level: infatuation yields to equality. Thursday’s best. Co-operate, agree, sign, shake hands – except in employment or management situations. A short or leak might irk you.

SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Remain ambitious, Sage. Show your skills, approach higher-ups with ideas and proposals – they favour you the rest of this month. You might be put to the test: you’ll pass! (Next week into October a romantic or creative streak will come – it won’t be as lucky as it seems, so don’t let it interfere with career success. If you don’t work, career = community status, relations with parents.) Sunday begins with errands, travel, or news, but settle into home and family this eve to Tuesday eve. A mild tug-o-war might occur between home/security and career/ambition. Wishful thinking about money might be quickly squelched. A romantic wind might blow Tuesday night to Thursday eve. Be wise, realize love that develops slowly is often stronger than “instant passion.” Problems with money balances against success in travel, learning, and culture (Wednesday). Tackle chores or health issues Thursday night to Saturday – you’ll get a lot accomplished, especially Friday.

CAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The general accent remains on higher education, publishing, law, international dealings/travel, statistics, insurance, advertising, fame, life philosophy and religion – and love. Sunday nudges you to shop or sell unwanted items, but little happens. Errands, short trips, communications, paperwork and details fill Sunday eve to Tuesday eve – these can be part and parcel of those “bigger things” listed in the first sentence (e.g., the paperwork might be a college application, or you make a short trip to buy a ticket overseas). Watch one thing: too stubborn an attitude on your part might crimp your ambitious progress. Tuesday eve to Thursday eve shunts you toward home, real estate, security, nutrition and Mother Nature. Best time: 11 am to 12:30 pm Wed. Get plenty of rest. Thursday night to Saturday brings romantic, creative and speculative opportunities – Thurs. night into Friday daytime’s best. Saturday could be disruptive, might start a temptation that can distract you for weeks to come – better to reject it.

AQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Life’s mysteries surround you this week and next. Life nudges you toward intimacy, a financial commitment, lifestyle change, or a health situation. In all these, luck and affection are on your side. Your energy is nice and high Sunday, but if you want to start anything, do it before 10 am (PDT) and make sure it has nothing to do with your career, police, dangerous sports, or machines. Chase money Sunday eve to Tuesday eve – sell items, buy, seek a pay raise, pursue new clients. Avoid all secretive or unethical/illegal actions. Midweek (Tues. night to Thursday eve) brings errands, short trips, news media, visits, casual acquaintances, paperwork and details – act Wednesday. Turn toward home and family Thursday night to Saturday – be restful, take naps. You can take good steps forward Friday, and this night, late, might bring a sexy person – or an argument with your spouse.

PISCES Feb. 19-March 20

Relationships fill this month. Be diplomatic, co-operative; seek to join. Others hold the aces; but they are also gracious, affectionate. If you make an approach (in love or business) you’ll be pleased by the response. (All your life, you’ve been the dreamy one. Even if you’ve hidden and protected that dreamy side – perhaps by being a friendly chatterbox – it has stubbornly existed. Now to 2025 others – especially Virgos, Cancers, Scorpios and Taureans – seek that dreaminess, as if it were a rare nectar. This applies even now, when others have the power and the choice – you’re their choice! In other words, you can be a little more vulnerable now, dream on – vulnerability is your strength.) Rest, contemplate Sunday. This eve to Tuesday eve, your energy and charisma rise – start significant projects, ask favours, see and be seen. Avoid sex, investments, debt, commitment. Tuesday night to Thursday eve highlights money: earnings, spending. Seek more, especially via a pay raise or new work, 11 am to 12:30 pm (PDT) Wednesday. Buy important items in this interval also. Errands, short trips, news media, siblings and casual acquaintances, paperwork, applications and details, emails and calls fill Thursday night to Saturday. Friday’s best.

ARIES March 21-April 19

A pile of work still faces you. Might as well just slog away at it. Protect your health: dress, eat sensibly. Sunday starts friendly, happy, but by late afternoon, eve, you tire of fun, want to be alone or with one special person. This quietude lasts until Tuesday eve – contemplate and plan, deal with government, spiritual, charitable or administrative agencies. All’s well, but don’t seek co-operation, and sign nothing. A partner might be struggling with money, domestic or security issues. Your energy and pizzazz return Tues. eve to Thursday eve. Don’t be led astray by an attractive, subtly fascinating person who has no romantic agenda – he/she simply wants you to work. The “right one” for you is forthright, perhaps loud, humorous, and upfront about love – he/she is around, too. Chase money Thursday night to Saturday – luck’s a bit jumbled pre-dawn Saturday, but otherwise this is a productive interval. Look at time/labour saving methods, investments, changes that can improve your output.

TAURUS April 20-May 20
The main emphasis lies on romance, creative and speculative projects, charming children, beauty and pleasure. A Virgo might play a sweet, prominent role. Sunday holds chores, but don’t be too eager to plunge in – do only what’s necessary. This eve to Tuesday eve brings light, happy, flirtatious friends, freshness and optimism, entertainment, wish fulfillment and popularity. Romance could flare up; you could fall in love. But take care, hold something back, because a present romance might not be capable of marriage, or health or work issues might interfere. (One who appears late this week might be the opposite: very wed-able.) Tuesday eve to Thursday eve requires rest and solitude. Contemplate the past/present, and plan the future. Deal with government, head office, and charities. All’s well! Your energy and charisma surges upward Thursday night to Saturday – start important projects, see and be seen, ask for favours. You’ll succeed, in practical and romantic zones. But watch pre-dawn (PDT) Saturday, when sudden reactions could whisk away a promising connection.

GEMINI May 21-June 20

This month accents family, real estate, security, gardening, nutrition, stomach, soul, and retirement. Your luck here increases Sept. 6 to 29. Family members treat you with affection.
Sunday continues a mellow, thoughtful mood. This night to Tuesday eve brings career forces, ambitions, prestige relations. You might attract the interest of higher-ups – in a testing sense. They judge you and your performance. You should do well, except for the possibility of a secret being revealed that impacts your rep. Don’t be creative or romantic at work: either is temporarily frowned on. Popularity, light romance, wish fulfillment and entertainment fill Tues. night to Thursday eve. You might experience a dilemma of choice between career and home duties. Retreat, rest and seek solitude Thursday night to Saturday. Contemplate and plan, deal with civil servants, institutions and charities. Sleep through a rough patch pre-dawn Saturday.

CANCER June 21-July 22

This month is filled with errands, communications, travel, casual acquaintances, paperwork and details – these are mildly lucky through late month, so charge ahead. You might, in your travels, discover a place you’ll live in someday, a place of beauty and pleasantry. Sunday’s mysterious. Protect your money and reputation. (For example, don’t chase that married person.) This eve to Tuesday eve brings wisdom, a mellow mood, gentle love, culture, higher learning, far travel. The full Moon could bring gushing love emotions – but something at home, or your security needs, might prevent a good partnership. Don’t gossip. Be ambitious Tues. night to Thursday suppertime. Higher-ups are watching, and talking to each other. Wait until 11 am (PDT) Wednesday, then act: you’ll make a good impression. Your popularity rises, your optimism surges, and a wish could come true, Thursday night to Saturday. Take care Friday midnight.

Source: Astralreflections.com


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