How To Ask For A Raise

more money

Anyone who has been with a same company for years will tell you that asking for a salary raise is the most difficult thing, especially when you have been doing the same job (never got a promotion), truthfully speaking employees shouldn’t have to ask for a promotion because in every standard work/ employment contract there should be a clause stating how you will go about receiving your raise as the time spent of the company increases. But in the unfortunate cases like where there is no contract in place the existing contract overlooks this clause here’s how you can go about asking for more ching, ching.

Prepare yourself 

 Life every important meeting you’ve had with your employer, you should prepare yourself well for this meeting, make sure that your presentation is on point; your points are well researched and valid. So you won’t look like a fool when they shoot with strong comments and questions.

Know your worth

Self worth is the most valuable thing any person has and you should know your worth in the organization/ company, know what you bring on the table. This will definitely go a long way in your employer’s decision to grant or not to grant you a raise.

Do market research 

Read, listen and even ask people who do the same job as you are and who have similar working experience as you, how much they make. This will help you to ask for a reasonable amount not something small or over the top.

Brag about your achievements

Be frank and proud of what you have done for the organization/ company, list all your achievements and success stories.  They will realise that you’ve played your part and you are not a liability or a stand still employee who is not that important.

Be reasonable

Be careful not to sound as arrogant or too demanding after all you still want to maintain a respectful and mutual work environment with your bosses after this meeting.

Set up the meeting

Schedule a meeting with all parties concerned and dress up for your meeting just to make good impressions.


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