Things Men Don’t Care About, But Women Think They Do

EMBARRASSThere are things women care about, most of them are associated with image and the way they look. They also tend to think that guys care about these things too but they really don’t.

Let us discuss some of those things for your convenience.

Sexy lingerie

????????Sure your guy loves to see you in a sexy lacy number every now and then, but that does not mean he actually expects to see you parading in G-strings and lacy bras and pants Monday to Sunday.

Guys don’t really care that much about your under garments, they just have to be clean and fitting, that is for your own protection you don’t want to scare your man with Godzilla sized panties that is older than your first child.

Stretch marks








Ow yes they are so annoying, even the owner can’t stand them, but they are part of you and there little or nothing you can do about them and your guy understands that, if you want to keep on applying that oil and hope they will fully vanish one day, keep on doing so but trust me your man is not bothered by those as long as you cover them well when you go out, he’s fine.

Price of your clothes and where you buy them








Really you are not dating the God father of fashion who knows every detail and price of womens clothing, so as long as you look good and feel comfy in your clothes your man won’t really care how much they cost.

Your size








When he approached you in the street or wherever you met, you were a plus size and that’s what probably drew him to you, now that you are dating your growing concerns about your shape and size, girl are you for real?

As long as you know how to dress for your body and smell nice your man will never complain, loosen up.

Sex faces








Come on during sex he will be enjoying it too much to pay attention to what your face looks like, go wild as you can and don’t be bothered by what he thinks about your face during that time because he is not too.

What you wear in bed







Men don’t really get offended by a simple night dress or pyjamas, it doesn’t have to be as sexy and slutty as seen on tv, remember that you are just going to bed with your spouse, you are not going to shoot a porn movie or attending a strip club.

Now that we’ve shed some light on your most bizarre insecurities girl, sip some tea and breath.

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