Run For Your Life: 5 Women You Should Never Date

take you stakWe’ve told girls about the type of guys they should stay clear of, today we are helping the guys. Gentlemen meet the 5 women you should never date.. Print and carry this list with you everywhere you go, it will be of great help when you are in doubt.

The thirsty chick

A THOTThis is the type of girl who is too desperate to make it work, she tries too hard and ends up making a mess of things, she would insist on meeting your family, going to church with your mother and having sleep over’s and late night calls with your sisters like they are cousins.

The tired bride

A THOT RUNThe want to be bride is usually in her 30’s and all of her friends are married now she is tired of being a bride’s maid she wants to be the actual bride, how to spot this one, she is always talking marriage at every breakfast, lunch and super.

The mean girl

mean girlThis is just asking for trouble she has something to say about everybody and her “something’, is never positive, she’s like carbon dioxide harmful to human begins.

The “Lady” aka disguised gold digger

i get moneyShe never pays for anything, whenever you go out you are always paying the bill, she just sits eat and leave. She makes you pay for everything, her apartment, car and everything else.

The FBI reject

Stalker1She didn’t make it to secret service now she’s taking you as her secret subject/ mission, she’s always second guessing you, checking your every move, calling you every hour to know where are you, who you with and what are you doing. You just want a girlfriend not a possessive stalker.

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