Irreconcible Differences: Some Of The Funniest Reasons People Get Divorced

REALLYWhen people get divorced many cite Irreconcilable differences as the reason, their nuptials come to an end before God do them part.

As much as some differences are truly irreconcilable some are funny, at least to us, let’s count down those funny differences that lead to couples signing papers.


We all know that being ugly is not a good thing but we don’t know it could lead to divorce. This one man divorced his wife because she is ugly and she gave birth to ugly children.

In his divorce papers he stated that his wife was ugly, she had a plastic surgery before they met to enhance her looks and she never told him, he only found out later in their marriage when they had children and they came out looking ugly, when he questioned this she came clean and admitted she had plastic surgery to better her looks.

Word is he sued the wife and the court granted him what he was asking for and a divorce.

The Neat Kick

A woman divorced her husband because he “cleaned too much”, one German wife decided enough was enough after 15 years of marriage with her neat freak of the husband who was always cleaning, wiping and rearranging things in their house.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when the husband decided to knock down the wall and re-build it after it got dirty in 2009 the wife finally called the court and filled the papers.

The Peeper

A Saudi Arab husband, who had been married to his wife for 30 years without looking at her, was kicked on the curbs after he tried to lift his wife’s veil to have one look at her after 30 years of marriage.  A normal thing to do right? Wrong.  His 50-year-old wife followed the tradition of her native village near the south-western city of Khamis Mushayt and kept her features veiled at all times.

Thou the husband did promise not to do it again the wife decided to proceed with the divorce anyway. Tradition is tradition.

After reading these stories we have a better understand of what the term ‘irreconcilable differences”, or do we?

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