Honestly I’m Disgusted By What You Are Doing: A Kenyan Student Claim To Have Infected 321 Men With HIV

aids onWe’ve all heard about a 19 year old Kenyan student who claims to have infected 341 men with HIV, but if you have not read the story where have you been? Here’s the link.

Before anything let me just say I’m a female myself, 24 years old, I was a virgin till recently and no I did not lose my virginity by rape, I was never raped in my life and I don’t know how it feels but I do feel sorry for you and I’m sorry for what you went through. Woman to woman I do not wish what happened to you to my worst enemy. No woman should endure what you went through from the bottom of my heart I feel for you and I hope a scum who did that to you was punished by the law.

But girlfriend what you are doing is not good and it is not helping you or anyone, I’m actually disgusted by it, going around sleeping with strangers and random men? There’s a name for women like that, they are called whores. I’m certain that’s not what you want to be known as. Why do you do it? You say in your letter that you hate men for what that one human garbage bag did to you, you hate men, so be it ma, you are within your rights to hate who you want to hate but hating people doesn’t mean you have to harm them, seek counseling, report him to the police. If you feel that your country’s justice system is failing you, burn that mother f*cker down, cut his penis, make posters of his face and put them all over town, or stab him in the back like Amanda in the Have and the Have nots but don’t go around infecting people’s husbands, boyfriends and other men who didn’t do nothing to you.

Do you realise that by going around spreading your legs and HIV you are destroying many innocents’ lives, like that human scum did yours? In the 321 you have slept with you, and have gone to their wives, side pieces and girlfriends, it’s no longer 321 it’s 2 or 4 times that or more, you have reach your 2000 target and maybe beyond.

Does this b*tch a$$ness make you sleep better at night? Knowing that you have destroyed families, or you are so “hurt” that you don’t even think about the consequence of your stupid actions? If you have not thought about it I have and I will break it down for you miss hurt, for everyone of your 321, there’s an unsuspecting wife or girlfriend who has been infected by your HIV, see the cycle has come back to hurt another women, CONGRATULATIONS you have single handedly infected 321 women with your AIDS now there’s 322 of you including yourself.

And some were virgins like you until a man that has slept with YOU came to them with your HIV; do you feel better now miss hurt, now that YOU have YOUR own HIV village? Has your CD 4 count shot higher? I doubt. Unfortunately you can’t undo the damage you have caused those one night stands, 1 hour stands, a day, week and month stands you slept with are already HIV positive along with their spouses, lovers, and lovers lovers.

If the cops don’t get you and arrest you for knowingly spreading HIV, I argue you to change, for a university student you are not very smart miss hurt, because if you were smart you would have woke up after a drunken night out with friends went to hospital and got checked for rape and would have received drugs to stop HIV infection.

What you can do though now is educate yourself about HIV, Google or grab a book there are thousands of people living with the disease in this world, people like Magic Johnson have lived with it for 20 years now and he’s still kicking it, Musa Njoko a well respected HIV/AIDS activist is still fresh living with HIV and educating masses around the world about it. I could count them all day long, my point is getting HIV doesn’t mean you are going to die tomorrow, you will not die if you live well and take care of yourself.

Stop the pity party, close your legs and live your life in a way that makes you sleep better at night.

I love you; we women should stick together and sister to sister, YOU ARE WRONG FOR THIS.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are those of an individual blogger not Sevafrica.com or it’s workers and dirctors.

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