Cougar On The Loose: How To Spot A Cougar

No shame in her game

No shame in her game

A cougar is a woman in her late 40’s or 60’s who is constantly out to seduce younger men, some even young enough to be her last born son. Cougars as they are known are prompted by the fact that they feel attracted to younger men.

Some cougars are pushed by mid age crisis (failing to accept that they have grown), but some are cougars by choice. Thou you cannot spot a cougar by just looking at them across the street, there are signs that are obvious and make it clear to tell if a person is a cougar.

The way they dress

Cougars usually don’t dress their age, they wear very tight, “sexy” and provocative clothing. For cougars it’s never too short, but it can be too long. They expose cleavage, from here to Mexico.

You will find them with bold pink or red lips and layers of expensive make up, it comes with age and experience.

Hangout spots

Cougars hangout at clubs, bars and other places that are full of younger men. In a bar or club they are rarely on the dance floor, they prefer tables usually the one’s closer the bar where they can flaunt their stuff, and never afraid to by pricey alcohol.

Common cougar gestures

They are never afraid to gatecrash a party, or make eye contact and insist on buying drinks. If you are hoping to catch one yourself, make your move quickly.

Would you like to date a sexy cougar?

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