Trending News In 5 Minutes: Khanyi Pays Back The Money, Nkandla Saga & President’s Health, A Pool Party In The US Embassy And More

Khanyi Dhlomo Pays Back The NEF Loan

Business Woman Khanyi Dhlomo

Business Woman Khanyi Dhlomo

Astute business woman Khanyi Dhlomo has paid back the hefty loan she took to start her high end fashion store in Sandton, reports media 24.

Dlomo reportedly paid back the 34, 1 million she borrowed from National Empowerment Fund (NEF)

“One of the milestones that the [National Empowerment Fund] NEF is pleased about is the fact that Ndalo Luxury Bentures (NLV) – a black woman-owned start-up business trading as Luminance – has settled its loan obligations in full,” NEF spokesperson Moemise Motsepe told the newspaper on Sunday.

Motsepe says the company began paying back the money in June 2013 and they actually had 5 years to pay it all back, but they did it in record time.

Dlomo is a respected business woman she’s a founder and CEO of Ndalo media which own Destiny magazines among other businesses.

Someone is paying back the money; Julius must be happy wherever he is.

Nkandla saga Won’t Force His Early Exit From The Office But His Health Worrying

zuma thgouANC NEC is positive that all the controversy surrounding the party leader and country’s president won’t be a reason for him to retire early but his health may cause him to exit the office early.

The NEC is aware of the damage the Nkandla controversy has caused and would advice Zuma to pay back a portion of money used to upgrade his Nkandla home once the national minister of police and treasurer have completed their findings and d have decide how much he should pay back. –reports the City Press.

This could ease the public pressure off the statesman over his Nkandla homestead, after public protector Thuli Madonsela found that states money was spent unreasonably in Nkandla security upgrades, she recommended that Zuma must pay back a reasonable portion of the money spent in all upgrades that were not security related, like the firepool, cattle kraal and his wife’s 1 million rand spaza shop.

Zuma’s health has been alarming since he abandoned cabinet meetings due to back pain and was ordered by his doctor to take time out to rest and put himself together, his sudden visit to Russia has been said to be suspicious too, with many sources claiming it might have been for health reasons since he only had one meeting with president Putin in 6 days stay in the country.

Libya’s Militant Take Over US Embassy house And Throw A Pool Party

Party in US embassy reidents in Libya

Party in US embassy reidents in Libya

It’s a party in USA embassy residence. The Libyan militia has taken over the vacant USA embassy house and hosted a pool party.

A YouTube video shows militia group mostly from the northwestern city of Misrata, some men are armed and some are not, they are all diving gleefully to the pool and some are drinking and having a good time around the balcony.

Analyst claim this is a direct dig to the US, Washington over their policy on Libya which Western governments fear is teetering toward becoming a failed state three years after a Nato-backed war ended Gaddafi’s rule

USA withdrew all their embassy personnel in Libya in July, all their diplomats were driven to the Tunisian border amid the clash of rival militias and interim government in Libya.

Security in Libya is an especially contentious subject for the United States because of the September 11, 2012, attack on the US mission in Benghazi, in which militants killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

Republican lawmakers have kept up steady criticism of President Barack Obama over his administration’s handling of the Benghazi attack, and they have also cited Libya’s latest unrest as another example of what they see as the Democratic president’s failed policy in the volatile region.

“Libya now is collapsed into a failed state,” US Senator John McCain told CBS’s Face The Nation programme. “That is what happens when you lead from behind.”

US Ambassador to Libya Deborah Jones, in a message on Twitter, said the YouTube recording, posted by an amateur videographer, appeared to show “a residential annex of the US mission but cannot say definitively”.

Jones, now based in Malta, said, however, that the embassy compound “is now being safeguarded and has not been ransacked”.

The US government believes that while the annex has been seized, the main compound has not suffered a similar fate, a US government source in Washington told Reuters.





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