Whose Milk Is Anyway: DNA Used To Settle Cow’s Paternity

cow cow cowAn Indian court used a medical technology of DNA to settle a beef cow case.

Two women from neighboring villages in India were involved in a battle over a cow; one woman named Geetha accused another woman of a neighboring village named Sasilekha of stealing her cow over 2 years ago.

Geetha filed a complaint with police accusing Sasilekha of stealing her cow; of which after a court ordered that a DNA test be taken to prove the cow’s paternity, after Geetha claimed that one of her existing cows had mothered the stolen cow.

After the tests were done the DNA did not match Geetha’s cow and the court gave “Sasikha” possession of the cow. The Hindu times reported.

“It is a rare case. Perhaps, the first time a DNA test was held on a cow to find out its real owner”, N Chandra Babu, the lawyer for Sasilekha said.

He said he was planning to sue Geetha on behalf of his client for “undue mental agony”

Cows are held sacred in the predominantly Hindu nation.

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