The Beyhive Stings: Beyonce’s Fans Demand That Karrueche Be Sent To Exile For Disrespecting The Heir

go basic goBeyonce’s fans are a definition of dedication.

The Beyhive as they call themselves have started a petition to have Chris Brown’s girlfriend deported in America or if not possible be sent to exile, for disrespecting the heir.

The petition comes after a series of mean tweets, dragging poor Karrueche to hell and back for making a joke about Blue Ivy’s hair on 106& park, a variety music show broadcasted live on BET.

Blue was like Some of you though, SMH.

Blue be like “I refuse to speak to randoms”

the petition reads

We petition the Obama administration to:

Deport Karrueche Tran if deportation is not available send her into exile.

Karrueche Tran violated the number one code of the BeyHive Law. “Thou should never come for Blue Ivy!” In a tasteless attempt on a national syndicated television show Ms. Tran made a diss towards America’s Princess of the Carter thrown. And we the BeyAgency demands her deportation effective immediately.

Poor Karooche, with navy and Beyhive on her back where is she going to exile at? because these two stan camps count for 85% of the world population.


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