Once Obese Michael Jackson Nicknamed Billy Jean Is On A Mission To Heal The World With Her Weight Loss Program

Noha after shedding the pounds , holding her "Billy Jean" Pants.

Noha after shedding the pounds , holding her “Billy Jean” Pants.

Michael would be so proud, bless her heart.

A die hard fat Michael Jackson fan who was nick named ‘Bill Jean’ by haters and bullies, is on a journey to encourage others to beat it after she lost 80 pounds .

Noha Baghdady, has always been fat and a Michael Jackson diehard fan, which earned her a nick name Billy Jean, [a hit single by the late pop star about a woman who is obsessed with him, has a child and claims it is Jacksons}. Billy Noha became so fat that she couldn’t leave her house and then she decided enough was enough, she embarked on a journey to lose weight and she did.

Her weight loss was so successful that she decided to channel the man in the mirror, by helping another women around the world lose weight.

Noha, from Farnborough, Hampshire, said: ‘I felt trapped in a fat person’s body.

‘Now I’ve never felt better – Belly Jean is gone for good!’

Having been overweight since she was at school, other children would shout ‘You gotta be eating something*’ and call her Belly Jean in the playground.

At home her mum would cook carbs-heavy stews and always keep the cupboards stocked with cakes and sweets.

It was only when her Dad died suddenly of heart failure aged just 57 that she was shocked into cutting junk out of her diet and losing some of her excess weight. Reports Daily Mail.

But that change didn’t last Billy Jean went back to her old dirty eating habits after giving birth to her son in 2007, cheese and pizza were her favourite and according to her she gained as much as half a stone (4kg) a year and wearing clothes between size 22/24[ SA 42/28 ].

A lift at work broke, she felt suffocated and struggled to breath and had chest pain.

The last straw was when her husband Yasser booked a table at a posh restaurant for their seventh anniversary – Noha refused to go, paralysed by the thought that people would stare as she ate.

The next day she joined a Slimming World group, which meant a radical overhaul of her diet.

She started cooking healthy meals from scratch using a Slimming World cook book and packed her plates with vegetables.

By the following anniversary last September she had shed eight stone and bought a stunning size eight dress to head out for dinner.

Spurred on by compliments from friends and family, Noha decided to help other women fight the flab by running her own Slimming World group.

Her story is beautiful, easily make Michael Jacksons’s greatest hits album.

Track list

She was fat and loved Michael Jackson- Billy Jean

At school the kids dissed her- The way you make me feel

Her mother cooked for the soul, stews, fries and everything big- They don’t care about us and earth song. (What about the children)

She was too busy caring for her child and husband she didn’t have time to cook properly- Heal the world.

She craved crisps and fats food during pregnancy- Don’t stop till you get enough

She got stuck in the elevator- Scream

She was terrified of going out with her husband-Thriller

She decided to do something about her weight & help others – Man in the mirror.

After shedding all that weight feels like Naomi Campbell- In the closet

Her husband and son are proud of her – The girl is mine

Bonus track for the haters gets a story about her on Daily mail- Beat it

Well folks we have ourselves Michael Jackson’s greatest hits album curtsey of the real Billy Jean.

One for the Haters- She’s slim, healthy and has an article online. Beat it









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