Lesbihonest: Lesbians Have More Orgasms Than Straight Women

lesboMy heterosexual ladies, here’s an article that may or may not prompt you to switch camps.

New study findings say that heterosexual women, come last no pun intended in the ladder of who orgasms the most in relations.

According to Kinsey Institute research findings, Men both heterosexual and gay are first in the ladder with 85 admitting to full satisfaction during intercourse, lesbian women follow with 75% of them saying they do get orgasms during sex and heterosexual/ straight women fall last with only 65% who reach full climax/ orgasm.

Authors of the study claim that lack of body understanding [ knowing each partner’s hot and cold spots] and gap in communication is the main reason why heterosexual women fall behind.

The findings are however not definitive, because they are based on people’s recent recollection of encounters with partners.

Still, the study does offer new insight into sexuality, Garcia believes. “In their 1966 treatise, Masters & Johnson suggested that lesbian women have more orgasms than heterosexual women,” he said. “Yet there have not been many studies that have taken a careful look at orgasm outcomes across sexual orientation categories. We attempt to fill this knowledge gap.”

After this and numerous other studies affirming that homosexual/ lesbian women have fair more orgasms than straight women, researchers are questioning if oral sex drives women to orgasm or makes it more possible for them to orgasm during sexual intercourse.

Study co-author Elisabeth Lloyd, chair of history and philosophy of science at Indiana University, said it may have something to do with the fact that penetrative intercourse is a more crucial part of sex for straight women than for lesbians.

The anatomy of women, especially the difference between the clitoris and the urinary opening, is crucial to the likelihood that a woman will have an orgasm through intercourse, she said.

Still, better communication between heterosexual partners couldn’t hurt, the researchers added.

“The most successful means of increasing satisfaction has always been increased communication and attentiveness to the partner’s responsiveness,” Lloyd said. In other words, talk and pay attention.





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