VMA’S Read Carpet Break down & Full List of Winners

Blue was like Some of you though, SMH.

Blue was like Some of you though, SMH.

The VMA’s went down Sunday night over the United States of America in California, and boy did stars come out to play or what?

The red carpet was as always glamour meets, trashy, fashion fails and absolute confusion.


Among the best dressed I have to put everyone’s aunt Jennifer Lopez, Jenny hump the whole block  from the block wore a revealing, booty exposing low back metalic embroiled with crystals gown. I swear aunt Jen has the best butt, at the tender age of 60 she is sizzling hot.


Lady of the night Beyonce who received a Michael Jackson Video Vanguard VMA award didn’t dress to kill the dress she wore feels like something we’ve seen before, simple black and not too wow, nothing to write home about.


Igyy Miss I’m so fancy has a body of an Africa goddess, but the matric farewell dress didn’t do it for me, with those curves and figure Iggy didn’t need that much fabric and embroiling.


Arianna Grande, she looks like a 12 year old who dresses too sexy for her age.


Amber Rose and Wiz Khalif

Amber is a beautiful girl but that thong and necklaces don’t count as a dress. Wiz Khalifa loving husbands don’t let wives leave home like this.


Katy Perry and her partner, I can’t be bothered to look him up and find out his name, we just ganna him ugly braids, well they wore whatever they wore and it wasn’t cute, just like that boy’s braids, it was ugly.


Nicki Minaj, well I love the new toned down Nicki but she could have done better than that snake print dress, it didn’t give me life, her shoes and  hair gave real life. I LIVE for her hair, it is too gorgeous.

Kelly Ro

Kelly Rowland, pregnancy loves her, her glow is out of this world and her nude dress did her justice.

michelle Williams

Michelle Williams, did Jesus say to you wearing cow leather and aunt Latrice’s shoes to an award show?


Kim Kardashian West was dressed by Kanye again.


Taylor Swift and her country self, I’m just going to pray for her, what is this she has on?


I actually love Miley Cyrus’s all leather get up, she looked decent and we know she hasn’t looked anything like this since her Hannah Montana days.


She couldn’t help herself.


Rihanna Understudy Rita Ora brought us yet another Rihanna understudy. It was red, beautiful, sluty, seductive bright and Rihanna all at the same time. Loved it on her.

Kris Brown

Chris Brown, He better have answers when Suge Knight comes calling.


Demi Lovato, I loved her dress number, the slit was sexy but not too sexy and her lips and hairdo were giving me Megan Good tease, stunning.


The lady in oversized get up, I will not say anything, I use the elevator everyday. #SafetyFirst


Gwen Stefani

Only Gwen Stefani can make this look good, bravo Rich girl.

Jordin Sparks

Jordin Spark’s Lisa Raye McCoy inspired look was beautiful. She’s such a beautiful girl.

 Jo and Jay

Jordin and Jason Derulo, the couple that matches their outfits stays together. They are so beautiful together, a church version of Jay and Bey.

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