Drunk In Love: Marriage Drive Women To Drink

drunk in love
Ever wonder  what those women who are always sitting by the bar have in common? Husbands, yep they are all married, respectively of couse one can only hope.

According to the latest study marriage drives women to drink, once they are married women tend to hit the bottle harder while the hubbies cut down.

But after divorce husbands are more likely to be the one’s drinking more.

The survey into marriage and alcohol was conducted by sociologists at four universities in the US.

Lead researcher Corinne Reczek – professor of sociology at the University of Cincinnati – said: ‘Stable marriage curbs men’s drinking yet is associated with a slightly higher level of alcohol use among women. Our findings suggest that being married to a man who is more likely to drink creates a new social environment that may promote drinking among women.’

The study found that while husbands drank less alcohol than bachelors and widowers, their consumption increased sharply if the marriage ended. Professor Reczek added: ‘Some research suggests that men are more likely to cope with stressors in “externalising” ways such as alcohol.

’ Women are more likely to cope in “internalising” ways such as depression.’

Men who cut back on drinking are more likely to have a happier marriage.

The professor insisted: ‘Men who fail to converge with their wives’ drinking habits in marriage may set a trajectory towards divorce and continued heavy drinking.’

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