Bling It: How To Rock Your Bling

ciara-future-pregnantThe world has defiantly gone completely bling on us.  Let’s admit it many of us stay away from flashiness just coz we don’t know how to pull it off.  And some of us try to stay away from shiny items as much as possible mainly because we don’t like attracting too much attention.

But maybe it’s time to join the bling crowd; the key is knowing just how to do it well because bling has more advantages than just the aesthetics.

Sparkling pieces can accentuate your assets and distract attention from the areas you don’t want to show off.

Don’t Tire Your Attire

But there are a few rules to pulling of this look off. And the most important rule is to keep it simple. Do not overdo the shine because you can end up looking like a Christmas tree.


Shiny clothes are not for everyone because it can make you look bigger. So select your pieces carefully. Try to choose the detail if bling is going to over-do and bring attention to weight.

Mix and Match

Mix up your shine with matt colours. Try to keep your make-up natural and your hair to a minimal.  For an elegant look avoid too much accessories.

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