Men Are Worse Than Children- Study

big sulker

Women stand up and give yourselves a healthy pat on a shoulder because a study has confirmed what we’ve known since forever, men are worse than children, in  every way possible eating fruits.

According to this new study conducted in UK children eat pre-school children eat about 12 fruits and vegetables on weekly basis men eat only half of that number, an average man eat 1.2 portion of fruit per day.

The researchers asked mother about the number of daily fruits servings in their households, many said they managed to get children to eat at least 5 per day

48 per cent of the women questioned admitted using ‘stealth health tactics’ to trick their partners into eating more fruit and vegetables.

Some cover vegetables with cheese or cream or even hiding them in soup so grown men can eat them.

Cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, aborigine and mushrooms are number one enemies in most households.

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