Michael Jackson Snatched And Killed A Man In front Of His Wife

crocodile mj

Albino headed crocodile named Michael Jackson reportedly attacked the 57 year old.

Michael Jackson has been held responsible for snatching and killing a 57 year old man who was fishing with his wife on Monday.

The unusual; crocodile was shot and killed after the incident; he was one of a kind according to a tour operator.

According to Daily Mail.

The man was taken when he got into the water to unsnag his fishing line.

Police and rangers scouring the crocodile-infested river by boat on Monday night shot and killed a 4.5m crocodile around 9.30pm and the man’s body was recovered later that night.

His wife was treated by paramedics at the scene for shock.

The Adelaide River is well known for its Jumping Croc tours, where boats travel the river and crocodiles jump for meat attached to hooks.

‘Michael Jackson was one in a million, and unfortunately being an albino would have been picked on by all the others, its a big pecking order,’ said Rob Marchand, owner of Wallaroo Tours, which runs Jumping Croc cruises across the river from where the man was taken

He told the ABC on Tuesday that the crocodile had been in that part of the river for several years, and that the crocodiles had been fighting a lot recently, jockeying for position and preparing to breed.

He said only the strongest and most aggressive crocodiles reached four metres or longer.

‘The croc has only been doing what nature intends it to do, and that’s survive,’ Mr Marchand said.

‘They know how to do three major things: eat, reproduce and aggression … if you’re not going to look after yourself, you’ll find yourself being eaten.’

Crocodiles shouldn’t be blamed for their natural behaviour, he said, and rejected the suggestion that the Jumping Croc tours were encouraging predatory behaviour on the Adelaide River.

Source: Daily Mail




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