4 Things You Shouldn’t Tell A Man On A Date

not fine china

Going on two dates doesn’t really mean he is ready to commit and be lovey dovey with you, or introduce you to his family and friends as the perfect wife material, so you should watch out for this ultimate turn offs.

The case of the ex

Don’t tell a man about your past relationships, sure you and Joe dated for 7 years and he was the ugly pig that didn’t appreciate how you went down for him and cheated on you a thousand times. This will simply make him think you are a cry baby who thinks life owes you a universe and maybe you are not over Joe, and he is just a rebound.

Sex history

Unless you want him to think you are a hooker don’t yet giveaway this fact, let him wonder, even if he asks, brush it off, don’t ever tell a man about the number of people you’ve had sex with.

Offload your baggage

You have girlfriends for that, at this stage you are trying to develop a relationship with this person and going on about your mother and how she hates you and all that will send a man running, nobody wants to be with a woman like that. Truth is your mother might be annoying but your date might think you are paranoid and run for his life.

Sharing what you get up to when you are with your girls

A big no! It’s on the girl code, you don’t  go around telling people what you and your girls get up to in a night out in town, who you flirt with and how She nay nay grabs all the men by their balls when she’s had one too many, this really shouldn’t be discussed with anyone no matter what.

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