Doctor Kidnapped And Tortured By Family Of A Woman Who Lost A Child


This is disturbing.

For 6 days Dr M was held captive and toured by a family of a woman who gave a stillborn baby at a hospital where she works.

According to daily mail reports, Dr M was kidnapped by relatives of a woman she helped deliver stillborn baby weeks ago at her hospital; she was on her way home after finishing her shift at a maternity ward of a hospital when the kidnappers took her.

In her ordeal which ended after 6 days, she was toured, drugged and had 2 of her fingers cut.

Her captures also butchered her in what is believed to be an attempt to hack her ovaries out of her womb.

The 30-year-old had just finished a night shift on a maternity ward and police believe the attack is linked to the death of a baby boy who died during birth complications three weeks earlier.

Before fleeing the scene and leaving Dr M for dead, the captors forced her to write a message ‘The doctor who murdered my son will be next “with her own blood
Hospital staffers told the police that the woman’s family had made appearance at the hospital accusing the doctors of killing the baby.

According to hospital staff, “The woman arrived at an advanced stage in her pregnancy, and the baby was already dead inside her womb. That happened [because] the mother waited too long to seek medical attention…”

The mother of the baby and members of her family are currently missing.


 Sources: Daily Mail & You

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