Countries With Least Unemployment Rates


I live in South Africa where millions of people are unemployed, in my country and Africa as a whole unemployment is a painful reality everyday but what about the rest of the world? I came across this article about countries where almost everybody has a job.


According to World Bank Australia’s unemployment rate has remained in the cool under 5%, It has maintained low unemployment in recent years, including throughout the recession. This is due largely to the government subsidizing the reduction of work hours for companies. According to the Austrian Times, the country currently has the lowest unemployment rate among all EU countries.


Well almost everybody in this country is employed but there is huge down factor, according to the CIA, there is a “large number of underemployed workers” in the country. Still, at least 50% of residents are working full-time for an employer.


I’m not surprised since everything in the world is made in china, in this country below 5% of the population count as unemployed and the 39% of the total ratio of all working labour is registered as part time workers. Largest of the population is employment in the public sector.


Home to most national disasters still thrive regardless of being struck by Tsunami, almost 50% of the working population is employment as full time workers and the country has a low 5% unemployment rate.


The country has not had any serious unemployment crisis since 1950, that’s according to its government and somewhere in the 1980’s the country’s unemployment rate fell below 2%.


Like its neighbour, Belarus, the former Soviet Socialist Republic of Ukraine has among the lowest reported unemployment rates in the world.

The CIA reports that the country has a large number of underemployed or unregistered workers. Nevertheless, according to Gallup, at least 50% of the population is working full-time for an employer.


Although Vietnam has moved further from its strict, centrally planned economy, it is still dominated by state-owned enterprises, which account for 40% of GDP. Vietnam, as is the case with many Asian countries that have low unemployment rates, has a high rate of subsistence agriculture jobs.

Next time you want to take a vacation head to one of these countries and get yourself a job while you vacate.


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