Girls run the world: How To Master Walking In High Heels

Most women would love to see themselves rocking a versace secret gown and 6 inch stilettos, but the sad reality is that not all women can wear and rock high heeled shoes. Yet, since women will always be the “never back down” species that we are, we wear the high heeled shoes anyway.
We let out the little secret to rocking your heels with confidence and leave people wondering “how does she do it”
Pick the right pair
It is very important to have the right pair to begin with, because if you wearing the wrong shoes everything is just going to be clumsy and believe me you people will have a good laugh on your account.
The height
6 inches are for the red carpets and the ramp I don’t care if you are Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks nobody can work 6 inch heels on the mall and be comfy, you will fall or you will walk like a wheel barrow and someone is pushing you or you wish that you were shorter.  So rather start with 3 -4 inch shoes then work your way up but not to six.
Walk tall
Literally, walk tall, don’t bend your knees, or stick your foot in one place foot too long that makes you look like you are a toddler on her first baby steps.
Be confident to rock anything be it an outfit or a presentation you always have to be confident, trust that nobody can do what you doing better than you, take a moment on the mirror before you go out and look at you and be in love in love with yourself.
Be careful of the surfaces
 It’s very important to know where you are going when you are going to wear heels, just imagine working that David Tlale number so sexy and silk then end up in Drankensburg Mountains. That will be a disaster you will fall and bend your ankle. And if the place you are going to has slippery floor it’s better to wear shoes or heels that have bigger heels as opposed to spike heels.
Tips for beginners  
Practice walking with heels at home
Walk back and forth in front of the mirror with your legs straight and knees close as possible
Don’t dance in your heels when you’ve never done so before and you just got into the industry
Avoid walking long distance you might get tired and start tripping.
Don’t stand still too long this will put pressure in your feet and you will trip

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