Dress for Your Body Type: Apple Fashion

With summer around the corner, women around the world are changing their wardrobes and preparing themselves for summer. It’s common knowledge that summer is a season where people show off their bodies in swim suits, mini skirts, shorts and fitted sleeves t-shirt etc.
The problem is that some women don’t really know how to dress according to their body types. Just because it’s a fashion trend, it doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.
They don’t realize they every womens curves, height and looks differ thus following the fashion trend will not make you look like the pop star who wore it.
Women have two body types: Apple and Pear shape.
Apple shaped woman are those women who store their body fat in their middle part. They normally have slim legs and bigger upper bodies. Their hips are usually slim and their tummies bigger. Apple shaped woman are sometimes conceived as very unattractive. Hence they should carefully select what they wear. Some stars that are apple shaped include Angelina Jolie (a very thin apple), Jennifer Hudson, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Elizabeth Hurley.
Clothes for the Apple shaped women
Apple shaped women should wear V necks tops since tehy have bigger boobs. the V-neck flatters their chests more beautifully than round necks. Shoulder Pads are a no no!  Apple shapesshouldn’t wear them because of they have a bigger upper body. The shoulder pads will make them look unnatural, big and sort of like a baseball player.
I will not sugar coat and say that choosing the perfect pants is a difficult task if you are an apple shaped woman. So you must be extra vigilant and conscious with your selection. One thing you must always bear in mind is that you must stay as far as possible from tight pants.
Formal pants usually work better for apple shaped women and only buy jeans that best suit you. 
Dresses are the obvious and easier choice for apple shaped women. They don’t have to look hard as they do with other clothing items. Many summer dresses are usually loose and they suit almost everyone. One thing you have to be mindful of is that you have to pick one with the right length because of its too short it might not be ideal.
Swimwear for apples is the most difficult clothing item for every woman, regardless of their body type and for apples it is double the hardship. Rather buy a takini or one piece because a two peice will make you appear larger than life, literally, with the big shoulders, big tummy and big boobs hanging out. It is not a pleasant sight.
A Word of Advice
Self confidence should be like a religion. Don’t let anybody put you down no matter what your body shape is. Each of us is beautiful in our own way. So don’t let others put you down.
Be on the look out for our next issue where we tackle Pear Shaped Girls.

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