The First Ladies Of Fashion

yes madams

They are the right hand persons for the men in charge of the hightest offices in every country, they are always on their side when they make public appearances gracing the world with a smile, feminine touch and usually goodlooks, and they have become known for their ecstatic taste in clothes, the first ladies of fashion as we call them today. We give you our top 5, do you agree?

Michelle Obama, First Lady of United States 

ye shelly

First lady of the United State is always dressed to impress, she looks beautiful in everything she wears, there’s not a moment since Barack Obama took on the highest office in the US that we haven’t seen Michelle being chased by fashion police, her style, chick, elegant with class does it for her. Whoever picks her clothes is doing a brilliant job; if she dresses herself we applaud her she knows what looks good on her.

Carla Bruni Sarkosy Former First lady of France


Her husband might not be president anymore but she reigns as the most stylish first lady in France, the former singer, songwriter, actress, and fashion model, we would suggest Carla took her fashion sense from the time she worked as a model, she listened carefully when the who’s and who’s of fashion gave her fashion advice and she took them straight to Frances highest office.

Lauren Harper First lady of Canada

mrs harper

Again another first lady who puts effort in the way she looks, the first lady of Canada has excellent taste in clothes; her fashion sense is well with her age, class, and status.

Sarah Brown first lady of UK

brown baby

Wife of UK’s prime Minister Gordon Brown’s stylish can be described as timeless classic, she’s one of the finest dressed women in the whole of UK, she doesn’t take herself too serious fashion wise, she buys or designs like any women her age would, she can rock a beautiful summer dress and the next day a lady suite or cocktail dress and she will still looks fine.

Grace Mugabe First lady of Zimbabwe 


First lady of Zimbabwe’s fashion is the only thing we love about her, her style is mainly traditional African attires; she’s always dress as a dignified modern African woman. The ever colourful African dresses and dukes look beautiful on her. Without her beautiful fashion sense Mugabe would be really hard to look at, but we can’t really do something about her hair.

This is just our list of the ladies who’s style is politically correct and socially on point, add your two cents.

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