It Goes Beyond The Kitchen:How To Shave Using Olive Oil

olive oil

I’m one of the unfortunate people who suffer major side effects after shaving, I’ve tried many creams and razors and after everything I still get terrible blisters after shaving.

I had lost hope but when I Told a ladies at the salon one of them suggested that I use olive oil.

I used it as per her instruction and it worked, I’m now a self proclaimed oil shaver. My olive oil is good for cooking and more.

Here’s how to use olive oil to shave : 

Dip your fingers in your virgin olive oil and gentle rub into the area you want to shave.

Then carefully shave that area be careful not to cut yourself while you shave, olive oil will keep the place greasy while your handy will keep the razor steady and flowing nicely.

The best thing about using olive oil is that you don’t have to use the moisturizing products you normally use after shaving

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