Green up: Wiz Khalifa Debuts A Line Of Weed Accessories

toll one

Do you want to roll one in style? Rapper extraordinaire Wiz Khalifa has signed a partnership with RAW Rolling Papers to make everything marry Jane, from signature rolling papers, ash trays and more.

According to the press statement, the black and yellow rapper and RAW rolling papers’s relationship began backstage, based on a mutual respect for each other’s work, evolved into a groundbreaking partnership as Khalifa and RAW® realized through shared goals and visions they could change the face of the industry.

Combining two dynamic forces that respect and support the smoking community will mean unprecedented value, quality, and innovation. “We are truly taking things to the next level of the smoking game and we’re thrilled to collaborate with Wiz as he is a key influencer in this industry,” says RAW®’s creator, Josh Kesselman.
“I’m really excited to have my own line of papers with RAW®. I’ve been using the product for years and it only felt right to make this happen with them.” -Wiz Khalifa. Reads the press release

According to Raw Rolling papers website, Wiz Khalifa’s signature line of Kush accessories will hit the US stores shelves tomorrow, no word on when can the rest of the world expect it.

Are you ready to blow on some Taylor gang leader?

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