Top 10 Celebrity Fashion Fails

fashion fail

Celebs are known as trend setters, they wear Prada and the masses follow, they rock dollar store earrings and we happily flock to the nearest dollar store to buy them because we saw them on TV worn by Oprah. As much as we love them and follow some insane trends they set some are just too extravagant, even the thirstiest of the Stans can’t bring themselves to like them.

Today we count down the top 10 most insane celebrity trends or more like fashion statement fails.

Lady gag’s meat dress and wheel chair.

 Lady gaga is always a fashion statement fail, everything she wears make me wonder if she and her entire crew are always high on something, but the biggest FSF (Fashion Statement Fails) are the meat dress she wore a while back nobody ever even attempted that. You can’t blame the monsters who want a fight with PETA and risk having ants crawl on her. The wheel chair is on another level all Gold like she’s Cleopatra the mother of Gold.


Kanye West’s Straight jacket  and man skirt

Kanye is an industry joke for always acting a fool and he shall be remembered as the only rapper to ever have beef with a RNB singer (Justin Timberlake), but that still won’t make us forget him putting on a straight jacket the whole time he was in stage in SA, biggest fashion fail by a single rapper.


Justin Biber’s gas mask

Mr baby baby, has lost it since starting to hang out with young money rapper lil twist, he smokes leaves, have sex with groupies and lately he was seen wearing a gas musk, maybe he was scared that police might spray tear gas since he is hanging with the thugs or he was just being a Dutch bag, either way, it was a fail, belibers are still not falling for that.


Celo Green’s Animal print

CeeLo Green-JPA-003009

The forget you singer has tried in numerous occasions to rock the animal print, aside from the fact that no man should wear a full animal print outfit, Celo is obese, a plus size he ends up looking like an elephant in a cheetah skin.


Lil Wayne’s woman clothing

wayne thou

Wizzy F Baby as he likes to call himself has become what we would call a mascot for woman’s clothing, he has jeggings and leggings in every colour, print and style, thou he has millions of young people who follow him to the T, none of them have badge to cross dressing. FAIL.


Nicki Minaj’s wigs and weaves

fix it stylist

This is another classic idea of a fail, what is messier than Nicki’s singing? Her wigs, those things and too lolourful, too ugly and too traumatizing for anyone to try on. Didn’t anybody tell Nicki that Barbie’s hair was natural?


Kim Kardashian’s Kanye Influenced wardrobe

why kim

Since getting on with Kanye West Kim K’s fashion game went south, if it’s not too tight, it’s too black or white, too skimpy, trashy, ugly; big we can spend the whole year describing her Kanye influenced style.


Karrueche Tran

The only decent thing she ever wears is her smile, yep that bad.

Courtney Studded

The young bride is always dressed like a stripper from home struggle 777’s too much boobs and too much everything, she wears stripper heels when she’s jogging who does that??

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