Don’t Be Fooled By The Cleavage, What You See Is Not What You Get

Them thangs

Girls it’s been a while since we talked about self image and how it affects us wholelly, well today I want to share with you, the long painful and sometimes very funny struggle I’ve had with my big boobs.

I’m a size 34 D, my body frame is not very petite nor big I’m quite average for someone my age, the first thing that stands out about me as you can imagine are my “twins”, if you are familiar with bra size you know D cup is for busty girls.

Though I didn’t like my big breast at the young age especially in high school, I’ve grown to love and accept them, but I won’t lie a though of reduction lingers sometimes, hopefully one day I will let that thought go too.

What I haven’t accepted about my busty self is people drooling and making silly comments about them, both male and female, only if they understood how uncomfortable those make me feel, they wouldn’t dare.

I’ve been called Pamela Anderson, that is very uncomfortable, when boys look at my so called “cleavage” and some even want to touch it, that is so annoying because one wrong touch could ruin the whole presentation, unlike girls with small boobs, girls with a D cup have to be very clever on how they tuck their boobs inside bras, for us it’s not just clip and ready to go, you have to be very smart on how you tuck your twins in.

then we get the girls with small boobs saying they wish their boobs were as big, “oh your boobs are so lovely I wish mines were as big” child these may look good right now but when a bra goes off they look a mess, flaps and all, don’t be deceived, unlike the fake boobs naturally big boobs can’t leave a house without a bra, ask Tyra, in Bay Watch if Pamela Anderson’s breasts were real they will flip out of her tiny winy bikini bra, like that old woman in the nutty professor.

Luckily I don’t have back pain but as you might have heard big breasts do cause back pain, and that is a health hazard nobody wants.

I don’t even want to start about embarrassing buying a bra is, going to the D section, all the bras there look ugly and unsexy even if they are the same design as the A,B and C’s.

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