Most Sought After Qualifications In The World


In case you are thinking of going to Collage/University as a first timer/freshman straight from high school or even if you are a working professional who just wants to put one more decoration on your CV, this is for you.

To save you from studying for a qualification that is not really in demand, we have a list of the most wanted qualifications in the world right now. 

Computer Science

In the world where even an apple is operated like a computer, you cannot go wrong with this one.  

Media/ Journalism/Communications

Everybody wants someone who can speak, write and think on their feet in their company, a journalism qualification will definitely get you hired.

IT Soft Ware Developers

Computers get better every hour. There is always new software being developed or the current one being advanced arming yourself with this qualification is a decision you will not live to regret.

Business administration

With CEO’s expanding companies every other day people who can run the business in their absentia are in demand.  

Accounting/ finance degree

Accountants are short, businesses small, big and medium need financially smart people; they are literally the source of income and advance in every business.

Medical professionals

These people never go out of fashion, choose one and open a door of opportunities for you and bring hope to the world.  


All time classic mother of all professions will always be in demand.  


In the world where everything is sold people who can sell and come up with ideas to better sales are definitely a wise investment.


From Computer engineering to civil engineering, engineers are the new doctors, focusing on this field can never leave you in the out and cold without employment.  

Information system management

Maybe this is the most creative field of study, you get both computer and business skills in one qualification, so you will be like two employees in one, hopefully your pay cheque will be too. 

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