Call SPCA: Giraffe Dies After Sustaining A Head Blow On A Highway Bridge

Negligence happened, and somebody has to be held responsible

Pretoria – A giraffe died after it hit its head while being transported on a truck on the N1 in Centurion on Thursday, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) said.

“The giraffe died due to the trauma to the head,” Tshwane SPCA managing director Rick Allan said.

It was not clear what hit the giraffe’s head.

The means used to transport the giraffe was not correct, Allan said.

“The head of the giraffe was above the vehicle.”

Members of the public alerted the SPCA about two giraffes being transported in a truck.

The SPCA was told that a giraffe had hit its head. The other giraffe was resting at a wildlife veterinary clinic.


Footage: eNewsAfrica

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