Woman Had Sex Toy Insider Her For 10 Years


A 38 year old woman walked around with a 11cm sex toy inside her lady parts for 10 without noticing.

The 38 year old walked in the hospital complaining of weight loss, shaking and lethargy she had been experiencing for a couple of weeks.

Upon examination doctors discovered a 5 inch foreign object inside her vagina.

Surgical removal of the item at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary revealed it to be a five inch (11cm)-long sex toy.

Miss freaky later told the hospital stuff that she was using the toy 10 years ago with her partner while she was under the influence of alcohol but she doesn’t remember removing it.

The sex toy had because few medical problems for her but doctor were able to work on her and discharge her.

The patient’s case – reported in The Journal of Sexual Medicine – is the first time a sex toy has been left inside a woman for as long as a decade.

So it’s safe to assume that she has never been through air port scans?

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