Moms & Dads Provide, Rihanna Is Raising The Kids


I have friends who started using make up at high school level but makeup never crossed my mind until I turned 22, my mother was very strict about makeup and artificial hair. I couldn’t wear weave or put a relaxer on my hair until I graduated high school, she always insisted that I keep my hair short and natural.

But that was 25 years ago, things have changed now, I see kids young as 3 years wearing coloured lipsticks, have braids on and weaves. The Toddlers and tiaras generation scares me, what lessons and values are we instilling on our kids by allowing them to wear make up at that age?

My heart breaks every time when I see a kid of 12 years wearing a weave, with makeup done to perfection, I know parents who spend a fortune on their kids beauty maintenance. I once asked a mother if she felt good about her 14 year old daughter buying $300 dollar weave and expensive make up and her reply was “yes because it makes her feel beautiful”.

If your child needs makeup and weave to feel beautiful how do you feel as a parent, clearly you have failed, because if you were a successful parent your child would feel beautiful with or without weave.

I feel like parents have stepped aside and are now letting Television and pop culture raise their kids for them, while they work their butts off to provide for the monster that they have allowed to enter their homes.

Pop culture and Televison are not going anywhere but the parents are disappearing kids no longer have parents now they have providers and pop culture for advice and guidance.

When I was growing up too Television was there and so was pop culture, the S Curl, Jerry perm, popcorns and styling gels were dominating the streets but I didn’t do them because I didn’t feel the need to, I was raised to have confidence walk with my shoulders up because I was told I was beautiful with my natural hair.

I watched TV too only for entertainment not for guidance and advice because my parents were there for that, they didn’t just provide for me they raised me.



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