Weigh Your Luggage At Home To Avoid Airport Scams And Faulty Scales

heavy bags

Last week i read about a British woman who lost thousands of rands in an airport luggage scam in South Africa because they claimed her language had been over the allowed weight.

The woman almost missed her flight because the officials insisted that her bags were too heavy and over the limit, she was told she could not board the plane without paying the fines for the extra amount of kgs.

The original fine is something around R4000 but the officials “cut her a deal”, meaning she could pay the reduced price which is 2000.

The unsuspecting woman paid the reduced fee and was allowed to get to the plain, after much panic of almost missing her flight, lucky as all of this happened she was with her husband who was not convinced by all the act and immediately called their daughter in the UK to be at the air port on her mother’s arrival and make sure to weigh her luggage again before they go home, the daughter did as her father instructed and surprisingly the luggage was no where over the allowed kgs.

That’s husband told South Africans officials about this and the 3 officials who were involved all took the polygaph (lie detector test), and they were found guilty and they were fired.

Moral of this story, weight your luggage at home first, to make sure that you are not bullied to paying access at the air port by corrupt officials or because of faulty scales.

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