Spa Of Embarrassing Feet: Women Going Under The Knife To Get Perfect Feet

Foot Surgery Colorado Springs

You would think women will stop at breast augmentation, butt enlargement, Botox or thigh gap but nope they have gone further down. The new trend in Knife town is Cinderella surgery, which is basically reducing one’s toes via surgery.

Yep a range of controversial new cosmetic procedures that alter the shape and size of a woman’s feet to improve their appearance.

A Daily Mail report states In recent years these operations which include shortening or lengthening toes, shaving off excess bone to remove ‘unsightly lumps and bumps, and even sucking excess fat from big toes have become popular in America. Now they’re one of Britain’s  fastest growing cosmetic  procedures, too, with increasing numbers of clinics capitalising on women’s yearning for perfect feet.

So what would some women do for “perfect toes’? like any other surgery they have to go under the knife have their bones crunched and cut to meet their perfect feet standards, and for weeks their toes will be wired, meaning walking is not an easy thing to do if doable at all and after 4/5 weeks the wires are removed another process of walking in crushes kicks in for at least 3 more weeks.

What do professional doctors say about this?

Andrea Sott, a consultant orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon at St Anthony’s Hospital in Surrey, told Daily mail: ‘Surgeons registered with the British Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society, the regulatory body, would only perform foot surgery to relieve pain or correct a deformity such as severe bunions or clawed toes. We do not endorse this type of surgery for purely cosmetic reasons, because of the risks it carries, including swelling, stiffness and not healing properly.

‘In the most extreme cases, there’s even a small risk of life-threatening blood clots. ‘Even when surgery is successful, it involves spending at least six to eight weeks recovering. I would never recommend it unless it’s necessary.’

Andrea Sott explains, there is potential for surgery to create problems rather than cure them
‘It’s not uncommon for some procedures to create pain and restricted joint movement where there was previously no problem  for example, to go from having pain-free but unsightly toes to good-looking but painful, swollen toes,’ she concluded.

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