Gabriel “Gabby” Douglas Gets Her Own Movie

Yep the young American Olympic gold medalist will be honoured with a movie about her life, reports Madame noire, Douglas made history by being the first African American to win gold in both groups and singles gymnast.

 young gap

While many 16 year olds don’t have a story worth a TV movie Gabby’s story is quite remarkable and worth telling I believe, at the tender age of 10 she chose to leave her home and start life with a new family to further her dream of being a world class gymnast and there are couple of other things like her father leaving her mother to raise Gabby and her siblings alone.

All these aspects and her moments of glory will be featured in her move “Gabby’s life story’.

Congratulations are in order for her she has achieved a lot at the tender age of 16, winning a Olympic gold medal is a dream many athletes never live to realise, but I can’t help feeling that she is still very young and a movie about her is too soon, she can still achieve more and she has her whole life ahead of her, maybe waiting for her to grow a bit older be an adult then make a movie about her would have been great.

Either way I love Gabby she’s a big inspiration for teens all around the world that dreams do come true, success has no colour or age.

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