My 4 kids, Husband And I Would Love To Spend A Holiday In Your Home

home swap

Sounds like a recipe for disaster right? Wrong if done correctly and accordingly this can actually save you thousands.

Ok let me break it down for all of you hoping to spend your holidays in my home. In order for you to come to my house you also have to open your houses to me. Still confused? Ok let me be more clear, if you are a owner of a beautiful home that you think a person could spend a day or 10 at then you should try the new thing in town. Home swapping.

Many people around the world are saving loads of cash by swopping homes instead of checking into hotels when they travel.

Home swappers are all over the web, where they download pictures of their home and wait for potential swappers to contact them and swop homes.

Check out webs like LoveHome for a perfect idea of what home swapping is about; who knows you might end up swapping homes with me.

What is more loveable about this home swap is that your insurer’s are ok with it, you just have to check with them and let them know you will be having guests in your absentia at your home.

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